Are you investing with us?

We are a platform for Business Angel Investors. Our joint mission is to offer our members access to attractive investment opportunities In early-stage companies from the energy industry. Do you want to become a member of Inventrix to get the opportunity for direct investments in promising pre-selected start-ups ?

Who is an INVENTRIX-Member?

Our members are willing to invest in start-ups. They bring some kind of experience and/or expertise and their profile is very diverse:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • experienced investors and business angles
  • seasoned entrepreneurs who have successfully sold their company
  • General Managers of small and large companies with a particular know-how a strong and diversified network and some financial means
  • Decision-makers in organizations 

What are your benefits

We offer our members the opportunity to meet start-up businesses and entrepreneurs from the energy industry in convivial surroundings.

  • Full access to our dealflow to pick your favorite startups to invest in together with other INVENTRIX investors
  • Invitations to member only events (e.g. VIP lunches, angel social events etc.)
  • Access to our network of experts 
  • Access to Angel Investor exchange, information and trainings

What is your investment?

Investments in start-ups are high-risk investments. Members must be able to support such risks. It is expected that members make at least one investment a year. Our members invest some time and pay a non-refundable entrance fee and a yearly membership fee.

Please get in contact

Should you wish to know more about Inventrix as an entrepreneur or a member, please contact us:

Disclaimer: Inventrix does not take any responsibility for the future results of the Startup companies nor for the information presented by them. Investments in Startups carry a high risk.